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Our Services


Traditionally Smoked Meats and Handcrafted Small Goods, including Gluten Free and Paleo Products prepared to Order.


icon-handcrafted.pngHandcrafted Small Goods

We flavour our small goods with our own mix of natural spices with preservatives kept to the legal minimum. Our well thought out production methods and carefully selected machinery allow us to make our small goods free from fillers: giving you all the goodness without any nasties.


icon-prepared.pngAll Meat Prepared to Order

Pop in and choose from our fresh meat cabinet. Nothing is hidden away here. What you see is what you get. Your fresh meats are cut or minced to order while you watch, giving you the choice of how you wish for your meats to be cut and providing transparency and certainty about what you eat.


icon-homekill.pngHome and Recreational Kill Processing

Registered as a dual operating butchery, we provide the full range of butchery services for your homekill and recreational game. Our entire range of products is available for you to choose from. [more]


icon-smoked.pngTraditionally Smoked Meats

To make our bacon, ham and other smoked small goods, we light a fire in our traditional smoke house and hang the meat overnight for seven hours in smoke to develop the traditional flavours of genuinely wood smoked meats.


icon-gf.pngGluten Free and Paleo

Talk to us about how our products are suitable for your particular dietary requirements. We have locally sourced, grass fed meat products for those on a paleo diet, sausages free of fillers serving our gluten free customers and sugar free bacon for the diabetics.


Come and visit us in our store to find out for yourself what it is that makes all the difference.